Before Booking your test

Important: Before booking your test, it is important that you have read and understood the following disclaimer, by clicking continue and booking your test, you are confirming your agreement. 

This test is carried out at the Platinum Ambulance Service Limited mobile testing centre. The Covid 19 Cassette test is performed using our MHRA/CE approved finger prick test, screening for IGG & IGM antibodies. A result will be produced within 15 minutes and an official certificate will be provided showing the results. .


Please note: 

All test results have a 92-95%  accuracy based on recent testing.  If your test shows positive for IgG antibodies, it cannot be confirmed, as yet, that this would provide immunity to the virus and you may still be infected again.  If you have provided a positive sample for IgM/IgM & IgG, you should seek medical advice from the 111 service and self-isolate from others.  It is still early stages with the knowledge of the Covid 19 virus with data and advancements being made on a daily basis.  These tests should be used as a scan for the virus, providing a quick method of testing to give an indication of previous or current infection of the virus.  


Platinum Ambulance Service Limited, it’s Directors or any company that we are working on behalf of, cannot be held responsible for any decisions that are made as a result of this test.  

All decisions for treatment, isolation or changes in lifestyle should be made in consultation with government advice and the 111 NHS service.  


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